An Exciting Communications Mode for  Amateur Radio Operators


Amateur radio traditionally has used groundwave or skywave to propagate communications.

But many amateur radio operators with directional antennas and SSB equipment for 6 meters, 2 meters and even 222 MHz are able to communicate at distances up to 1400 miles by using the ionized trails from meteors.

If you have already used RTTY or PSK31, then you have the necessary gear to get up and running.

This site's goal is to educate the newcomer to meteor scatter techniques, provide tools for old timers, and serve as a repository for records of contacts.

Suggestions and original materials are strongly encouraged.

Newcomers Welcome

Radios capable of single sideband emissions with at least 50 watts of output power; a directional antenna; a computer; a digital mode interfac;, some free software; and PATIENCE are all you need.

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Seasoned Users Welcomed

Post a record of your best contacts.  Provide help to others and encourage the mode.

What is Amateur Radio?

While this is not the primary goal of this site, here you will find a small portion of why more people than ever before have become an amateur radio (Ham) operator.

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